Hiroki Yoshitake

Menu Producer
Born in Saga, Japan in 1980. After the graduation of Nakamura Culinary School, he trained under Hiroyuki Sakai. In order to learn more about food across the world he has visited 40 countries when he was 26 years old. He opened restaurant “Sola” (located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France) in 2011 and it received a star in the Michelin Guide just one-and-a-half years after opening. In 2014 he won the “RED U-35″ competition, a top class chef event held in Japan where only those under the age of 35 are able to participate.
This Hiroki Yoshitake is the menu producer for “MIFUNE New York”. His creative dishes have been praised because of their originality and his refusal to be held back from the stereotypical “Japanese”. His careful selection of ingredients, as well as the tableware, has a very artistic touch and is also highly appreciated in the world.

Yuu Shimano

Head Chef
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1982. He learned culinary techniques from the Institute of Tsuji culinary group in Osaka, Japan and subsequently in Lyon, France. He started his professional culinary career at Hotel Majestic, Restaurant Villa des Lys in Cannes, France, in March 2003, and has accumulated over 13 years of experience. More recently, he served as Chef de Partie of main dishes at Restaurant Guy Savoy, a 3-Michelin Guide-starred restaurant, in Paris, France. He was the only Japanese person to hold the responsibility of leading the main dish section of the restaurant; his dishes involving meat are especially worth trying.

Shion Uino

Sushi Chef
– sushi AMANE –
In great news for Manhattan, the second chef of the world famous,the three Michelin Guide-starred for 6 consecutive years sushi restaurant, Sushi Saito, located in Roppongi, Japan, will be coming to MIFUNE New York. He became an apprentice at Sushi Saito at 18 years old following his graduation. He has since accumulated 8 years of experience, during which time he was placed in charge of preparing and handling hand-rolled sushi. He will now move his stage to Manhattan, bringing the passion from Sushi Saito with him.

Shingo Gokan

Cocktail Producer
Shingo is one of the most well known and respected names in the bar
industry. He started his bartending career in 2001 in Tokyo and has
distinguished himself as a talented professional since. His profound
interest in mixology led him to New York City in 2006. As head bartender and
bar manager at Angel’s Share, he has been at the helm of perhaps the most
demanding bar in the world, known for its efficiency, quality, service, and
execution of mixed drinks. Angel’s Share was awarded one of the World’s 50
Best Bars by Drinks International in 2012.
He won the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition in 2012 after winning
the New York regionals and the United States nationals. In 2015, Shingo was awarded International Bartender of the year at Tales of Cocktail 2017.
Please come see us at MIFUNE New York and try our original cocktail, created
by a talent from the top of the bartending world.

Takahide Sugimoto / Miyoko Sugimoto

Winery Owner
They married in 1978. Takahide was a computer engineer and Miyoko was a pharmacist. In 2005 they felt that they wanted to eventually celebrate their daughters’ wedding using their own wine, and this resulted in the formation of the “Ch.igai Takaha” winery. The wine is believed to be a great fit with Japanese cuisine and is produced at a high level. Because of this it’s widely praised as reflecting the “Wabi Sabi” aesthetic in Japanese culture and is often part of the selection lists of high class hotels, ryokans, and Michelin Star restaurants. This is the winery getting a lot of attention right now.