The actor from “Seven Samurai” who told the world what a samurai is,
Toshiro Mifune, is coming back to New York.
This will be a new kind of contemporary Japanese restaurant where you will find washoku (Japanese food) on the first floor and on the bottom floor you’ll find a sushi bar. With an attractive, stylish atmosphere and a luxurious reception this will be a great location for dining, tourism, and many other occasions.The menu producer, Hiroki Yoshitake, is the owner and chef of “Sola” in Paris, France, which has received a star in the Michelin Guide. We hope you will enjoy your time and the many dishes that defy the stereotype, as well as our meticulous service. Next winter a restaurant that will allow you experience Japan with all five senses will open at Midtown East.


About 150 years ago, when Japan still had a shogunate system, America invited the Japanese Embassy to the United States.
While there Americans threw a party to ratify the new Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation.

After it ended, rather than just giving a word of thanks,
the samurai there bought whatever ingredients they could get their hands on in New York and prepared Japanese food for their hosts as an act of gratitude.

That was a typical example of the way Japanese people express their appreciation.
The interior at “MIFUNE New York” aims to recreate that moment so you can feel the spirit of those samurai from the past.


The same way Toshiro Mifune crossed the ocean
and became appreciated in the world,
a restaurant that has gathered young talents will open in New York City.
They will create cuisine of Japanese quality
and a restaurant that lets you experience it
with all of your senses.

TOSHIRO MIFUNE (1920 – 1997)

A Japanese actor who charmed the whole world as he appeared in almost 170 films during his lifetime. During the 50’s and 60’s he appeared in classics such as “Seven Samurai” and many other movies by Akira Kurosawa and his staff. He received prizes such as the Blue Ribbon and others at the Venice International Film Festival, and in America he even appeared in the TV-series “Shogun” (1980). Many people and productions, both film and stage, have been influenced by this one Japanese actor who has now even been chosen to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016. Mifune’s acting ability and strong presence is still being highly valued and appreciated today.
1947 Snow Trail (Debut)
1950 Scandal, Rashomon (Rashomon won the Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival)
1954 Seven Samurai, Samurai I: Miyamoto Musashi
1958 The Hidden Fortress, Rickshaw Man
1960 The Bad Sleeps Well
1961 Yojimbo (Mifune won the prize for Best Actor at Venice International Film Festival)
1967 Grand Prix
1962 Sanjuro
1963 High and Low
1965 Red Beard (He won his second prize for Best Actor at Venice International Film Festival)
1971 Red Sun
1980 Shogun