The actor from “Seven Samurai” who told the world what a samurai is,
Toshiro Mifune, is coming back to New York.
This will be a new kind of “Washoku” restaurant where you will find creative Japanese foods on the floors. With an attractive, stylish atmosphere and a luxurious reception this will be a great location for dining, tourism, and many other occasions.The menu producer, Hiroki Yoshitake, is the owner and chef of “Sola” in Paris, France, which has received a star in the Michelin Guide. We hope you will enjoy your time and the many dishes that defy the stereotype, as well as our meticulous service.In summer a restaurant that will allow you experience Japan with all five senses will open at Midtown East..


The same way Toshiro Mifune crossed the ocean
and became appreciated in the world,
Young talented chefs from the top stages of the culinary world will come together and open this restaurant in New York City.
They will create high quality “Washoku”.
and a restaurant that lets you experience it
with all of your senses.